spoil furry babies

Alexan Henderson loves to spoil furry babies.

We have TWO dog scrub stations, dog run, all sorts of treats and  ladies in the office who ALL love your babies!

If your thinking about choosing Alexan Henderson as your next apartment home, or already did, you’ll get to take advantage of that, plus we have different individual’s that regularly take care of our residents animals; from a walk, to an overnight stay!

Do the right thing and treat your furry family to a treat or a bath today. They do so much for us without us taking notice. Many times our pets give us comfort, love and are MENS BEST FRIEND! You can tell them any secret and they will never tell anyone else about it. You can forget to feed them, but will still cling to you because your their human.

Hey, remember they love you unconditionally.

If you don’t have a furry baby to love, check out what shibashake lists as 5 good reasons to get a dog:

1. A dog will keep you happy, healthy, and help you lose some weight

2. A dog will keep your mind engaged and active

3. A dog will teach you to relax and be Zen

4. A dog will make you laugh

5. A dog will be your loyal friend for life

Stay loveable always.

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