Healthy Eating Just In Time For Summer

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is an essential part of having a great bod, good energy, and overall feeling good about yourself. If your anything like me, when I eat foods that aren’t necessarily the best (ice cream, chips, breads etc) it may satisfy that immediate craving but I usually am bloated and feel bad afterwards.

When we consume foods that are good for us, not only do we feel better, we look better too. 

Dallas has several restaurant’s that allow us to have a great time with friends and eat good too!

One of my favorite resturants is Mudhen Meat and Greens, located in the Dallas Farmers Market. They have a great brunch and also serve juices, bone broth, veggies, salads, chicken and much more! Plus they have a great patio that has a really cool view of downtown Dallas.

Afterwards you can walk to the Dallas Farmers Market and check out the market shops.

So, fuel up on good food, feel better and look your best for summer 2018, and have some fun while your at it!

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