Get your fit lifestyle with FREE workout classes

Get your fit lifestyle with FREE workout classes provided by topnotch fitness


Join topnotch in the fitness center every Monday for BOOTCAMP at 6:30pm. This class will focus on cardio endurance, core, and your overall muscle tone, and will get your heart pumping!

Xsportfitness gives a list of 10 reasons why you should take a bootcamp class.

  1. People love it.
  2. It includes body weight exercises.
  3. It includes strength training.
  4. It includes cardio.
  5. It includes interval training.
  6. It includes variety.
  7. It includes familiarity.
  8. It includes intensity.
  9. It includes encouragement.
  10. It includes fun.


Join topnotch in the fitness center every Wednesday for HIIT at 6:30pm. This class involves intense bursts of high intensity that increases calorie burn through aerobic exercises.

SHAPE lists 8 benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

  1. Its Efficient
  2. You’ll burn more fat
  3. You’ll build a Healthier heart
  4. There’s no equipment necessary
  5. You lose weight, not muscle
  6. You’ll increase your metabolism
  7. You can do it anywhere
  8. It’s serious challenging

So we’ve given you reasons why and benefits you’ll gain, the classes are free so don’t forget your H20 and come ready to sweat it out! See ya there



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